Guild Name: Exsul

Server: Burning Legion -EU- PVP

Faction: Alliance

Guild Type: - Hardcore - Endgame PVE 10 Man Guild + Hardcore PVP activity

Nationality: International

Current PvE Status: 12/12 N - 9/13 H

Current Raid Schedule: 5 days: 19.00-00.00

Guild URL:

Guild created on: 03.10.2010

Guild Goal: Clearing content before it gets nerfed as server first.

RP Policy: N/A

Leading and Managment: Team Work

Contacts PvE: Nykhaos Hatred Dhakar Colander Nimh

Contacts PvP: Xanise Grzmocik

Planned 10 man Teams by Attendence and Progress Type:

A: %100 Attendance 6-7 day late hour raiding: Progress Rush Team, Progress Team

B: %90 Attendance 4-5 day standard hour raiding: Rush Raider Team, Raider Team C: Spontane Attendance 2-3 day standard hour raiding: Reserve, Casual Raider, Social Team, Weekend Team D: Full 10man pack teams with their own leadership, rules and raiding schelude

E: Full PvP teams with their own leadership, rules and premade schelude

Raid Slots: Minimum rotation


Rated Battleground Premades: +

Arena Teams: +

World PvP Activity: +

Recruitment: -OPEN-

How to join: Only with vouching by Core Members

Trial period: Up to 1 month.

Loot Type: Roll

Ventrilo and Mic: Required

Our Past 10 Man Achievement Rank: World 54

Our past progress can be found at related pages under our old guild name: Doomed

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